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Dawson County, NE- Something for everyone.


Gothenburg was founded in 1882 by Swede Named Olaf Bergstrom. Our town history begins there, but the history of our land goes back much farther than that. Early gold-rushers, Mormon Trail pioneers, homesteaders and so many that were traveling west to seek a better life, passed through our strip of land. Later, the Pony Express, Union Pacific and Lincoln Highway made their mark here.

When you visit Gothenburg, there is something that everyone in the family can enjoy. From historical sights and museums, to sport fields and fishing. Gothenburg is more than just a place, it's a state of mind!

For more information about all that Gothenburg has to offer, or to search for accommodations, click below.


Cozad is located in Central Nebraska exactly on the 100th Meridian.

John J. Cozad was traveling west on the Union Pacific Railroad when he saw the "100th Meridian" sign. It impressed him as a favorable site for a town. Returning to Ohio, he organized a company of people which he brought to this location and founded the town named after him. 

The 100th Meridian is an important natural demarcation line where "the humid east meets the arid west." Therefore you are now officially in the West, as proclaimed by the state of Nebraska.

Dawson County Historical Museum

The Dawson County Historical Society is committed to the preservation of the unique history and culture of Dawson County Nebraska.

Heartland Museum Of Military Vehicles

The museum has about 100 vehicles including helicopters, tanks, halftracks, ambulances, and a jeep from every branch of the service plus displays of weapons, uniforms, engines, equipment, and more.

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