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Mission Statement


The Gothenburg Pony Express Association is a community-based nonprofit organization. It’s dedicated to the preservation of its historical building along with the artifacts within. Our ongoing goal is to share, inspire, and educate all who seek knowledge of the Pony Express and the role it played in shaping our local community, Nebraska, and American history.

About Us

The original log building was disassembled, moved, and reassembled in its current location in 1931 after it was donated to the city of Gothenburg by Mrs. C.A. Williams. After a couple of local teenagers noticed tourists stopping to peer into its windows, they approached the city council with a request to open a gift shop inside the station. They were granted approval and the Gothenburg Pony Express station was officially opened to the public in the mid 1950's. The station/museum has continued as a nationally known tourist attraction that's been open every summer since that time.  

Fast forward to 2016:  The group that had managed the station for the prior 10 years decided that they no longer wanted that task. There was a dire need to find new management for the operation or the possibility of its closure would be imminent. Thus, Gothenburg Pony Express Association Inc. was created in early 2016 as a local community 501C3 non-profit. Their sole propose was the management and operation of the Pony Express Station in Gothenburg.

Over the years the building had primarily been used as a tourism gift shop that also included some local historical artifacts. The board of GPEA had a goal of converting it into a historical museum so the transformation quickly occurred. Numerous Pony Express historical exhibits were added and have entertained those who have visited since then. The ongoing commitment to update and improve those historical exhibits has also continued. Numerous improvements and building restorations have been made through the assistance and generosity of local grants, cash donations and item sales from the gift store area within the building. Potential profits from the sale of merchandise are reinvested back into improvements, preservation and enhancements of museum exhibits and operations.


The Gothenburg Pony Express Association Inc. office is located at:

1021 Lake Avenue, Suites 103 & 105

(P.O. Box 222)

Gothenburg, Nebraska 69138

(Office visitation by appointment only)

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