The Museum will be opening for the

season on May 1st, 2020


The station exterior is

always accessible for exploration & photo opportunities 24-7, 365

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Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen.

Must be expert riders willing to risk death daily.

Orphans preferred. 

To all of our friends & visitors:

We fully support all national, state and local efforts to contain the spread of the

COVID-19 virus.

The exterior of the Gothenburg Pony Express Station is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year and allows the opportunity to visit  while still maintaining the recommended procedure of social distancing. Our local Pony Express FM broadcast will also continue to be available. 

We have delayed our annual April 3rd opening of the interior of our museum until May 1, 2020 and will provide you with any updates or changes on a week-to-week basis through our website as local and national events continue to unfold.





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About Our Station & Museum

Gothenburg is home to two original Pony Express stations. The Sam Machette station (museum) is located in the beautiful Ehmen city park/arboretum. The original log building was disassembled,  moved and reassembled in its current location in 1931 after it was donated to the city of Gothenburg by Mrs. C.A. Williams. After a couple of local teenagers noticed tourists stopping to peer into it's windows, they approached the city council with a request to open a gift shop inside the station. They were granted approval and the Gothenburg Pony Express station was officially opened to the public in the mid 1950's. The station/museum has continued on as a nationally known tourist attraction that's been open every summer since that time.  

Throughout the years, the station has remained the property of the City of Gothenburg but management of the museum has switched hands several times. Most recently, a non-profit by the name of Gothenburg Pony Express Association was formed when the previous managers stepped away and there were worries that the station may close. Thanks to some hard work and quick thinking, the Pony Express Station museum is still open and is better than ever. Between 30,000 to 40,000 people visit the station every year and continue Gothenburg's legacy as the "Pony Express Capital of Nebraska". 

The second station in Gothenburg is still located on the original Oregon/Pony Express trail just south of town on private property. The Midway Station is owned and meticulously cared for by the Gill family of Gothenburg. Even though this station is not open to the general public, special interest groups and tour buses have been allowed out to view the property. If you would like more information on setting up a tour, please contact us.

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